Falling Short on Fun? How to Extend Battery Life of GoPro

To love sports, travel, plus a lot of adventure and at the same time capture the experience in photos and video is a challenge and requires ingenuity. Which is why action cameras such as the ACE-CAM 4K Ultra HD Action Camera is a perfect choice. It is one of the only cameras with an upgraded 4K sensor which gives you TRUE Ultra HD with 4k at 30fps. And for extreme speed sports, regular High Definition 1080p can be filmed at a blazing 60fps. That's FAST!! Don't blink or you'll miss the action! Fortunately, you can go back and pause or watch in slow-motion though ;-)

With the active lifestyle of users, some are happily engaging in online networking sites and blogging and sharing personal adventures (and misadventures), backed up with photos and videos. Some often used action cameras in extreme action video and photography such as bodyboarding, cliff jumping, and motocross.

When choosing an action camera it must be lightweight, compact, and mountable. It must be able to capture still photos and video in the high-definition and wide-angle lens and allowing the user to control the camera from a smartphone or any remote devices.

The ACE-CAM 4K Ultra HD Action Camera has features proven invaluable in making short films and documentaries. It comes with a base set of accessories, and it fits all the mounts of standard GoPro accessories. It is capable of time-lapse/loop recording, white balance controls, photo burst, date stamp, and self-timer. These features come in handy when uploading quick and trending videos in Snapchats, Periscope, and Instagrams.

What will you do when you are using the WIFI capabilities of the ACE-CAM 4K Ultra HD Action Camera for live streaming and broadcasting and without warning your battery power goes poof - zero - gone?

This is an epic fail - dead battery is dead....fun! If you want to have a continuous, updated and upbeat online documentary of your life without coming to terms with the dreaded “LowBatt” take note of the following suggestion from experts on how to extend the battery life of your GoPro or an action camera just like this.

These recommendations are best applied with a proper familiarity with your Action Camera's settings. Take time to read your action camera’s setting and user’s manual and get the most out of your GoPro.

The latest software (camera firmware) will help the battery last longer, so upgrade your GoPro now!

  • Turn off the camera when not in use or not filming.
  • Save battery by lowering the power usage of your GoPro.
  • Check the battery of your remote, if it is low, replace soon. Using the remote will lessen the battery life of the camera especially if the remote's battery is low.
  • Make sure you have extra battery power packs.

Now that you know some of the easy to do battery tricks, have fun using your action camera!