Celebrations in Canada: Party Ideas in the New Normal

A lot of people have been stuck in their houses these days. Not by choice, but because of the pandemic that has been taking over the world. Many businesses are affected and unfortunately, some of them are forced to close down. Office works have been reduced but thanks to remote working, employees are still able to work on their jobs. The school continues to cater services to their students but with a different approach. The authorities advised not to go out unless it is necessary. The way people live today is far from what it used to be, just like the other year. 

After several months of adjusting to the protocols set by the government, many have adapted to the new normal. It includes wearing face masks and social distancing. As birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations come and happen, it is time to dwell on how these occasions will be celebrated, considering these health protocols. It will not be the same as before, but we can still make these celebrations meaningful. Although gatherings are still permitted with strict guidelines and protocols, organizing them such as having no direct contact could be a great option. Therefore, virtual parties are the new normal for the holidays.

Putting together a virtual party is not that hard of a task. It is like calling for an online meeting minus the work aspect. Instead of business presentations, you can have movie screenings, games, and other fun activities. Here are some ideas to take note of your next party to help you with the preparations.


Face-to-face interactions is limited, so it will be hard to invite people personally. Creating an e-invitation will be of great help to gather people around. It can be through a public post on social media or a private message. The invitation should not be plain text, or else no one will come to your party. Get in touch with the inner artist in you and design visuals. Make sure that it is engaging enough to make your guests sign on to your party. The theme of the party should be shown on the invitation. Picking a theme is a way to unify the occasion even though you are far apart from each other. 


Decorations can make anything look more festive. Having your guests with the same background as your office meeting could be boring. You can add a clause that says everyone should hang Christmas decor during the party in your invitation. It can be the same item for everyone, like a star, Santa socks, and Christmas lights to make it appear like you are in the same place. Or you can make it more exciting by having an online Christmas decor competition.

Alternative for Potluck

A party is not complete without food. Having potlucks is the easiest way to have something to eat for everyone. But since it is a form of gathering and shared food, it is better to avoid it in the meantime. Safety is more of the priority. Alternatively, you can divide the food you will make into several portions and send them to your colleagues. By this means, they can have a taste of their favourite dish from you. Also, you can forward them recipes they can prepare for their upcoming parties.


Some traditions, like gift giving, cannot be done during a virtual party. Though, you can mail the gifts to the recipient before or after the event. Any activity that involves physical contact cannot be accomplished concerning the situation. It is one of the disadvantages of having this kind of party.  Still, you can have the following as forms of entertainment:

1. Movie Screening - Some online platforms have features where you can watch videos with the people on your video call. While other platforms offer watch parties where the movie will be played at a scheduled time.

2. Karaoke - Rather than having movies played on the screen, why not have lyrics on them. Who does not want karaoke night? You do not have to fight for the microphone because everyone can sing along. 

3. Bingo - Everyone gets excited whenever the bingo balls shake. You do not have to play it face-to-face. All you need to have is a bingo card and something to mark your numbers.

Party Kit

Another way to have everyone connected is by having a party kit. A kit is a collection of items that is necessary for a particular occasion. It can consist of event shirts worn during the party and materials to be used like themed decors and bingo cards. You can also send your chosen recipe for the potluck through this kit. Also, it would be nice to have an event souvenir. You can put it in a reusable bag or a box with a ribbon on it. 


An exciting way to start your party is through a video presentation. A photo slideshow of what happened in the past year can bring them many memories they can talk about afterward. To make it more exciting, record yourself while delivering the party kits with an action camera. Through the video recording, you can show them how the event was pulled off and make them appreciate the gathering more even without everyone's physical presence.

The pandemic has brought a lot of challenges this past few months. Surviving this year physically and mentally is a significant achievement. However, this doesn't mean that all of it is over. The battle against the virus continues as time passes. Celebrations may not be as luxurious as before, but you can still make it fun and meaningful. After all, what really matters is the spirit of the celebration and the gratitude that you can still celebrate with the people dear to you.  There are various ways on how you can still keep the excitement and the spirit of being one to share the moments during a party. As we become used to the new normal, we should also come up with new and creative ways to make celebrations more enjoyable.