About Us

The Epiphany

I spent 15 years of my life in offices like this one. Like most workers in the today's society, I ended up spending most of my day sitting. One day, I experienced back pains (I later learned just how prevalent this is among desk jockeys). I got medical attention. I got a new chair. I found some relief, but it was only temporary. I hadn't addressed the main problem.


Then I started seeing the studies come out. Respectable scientific journals, The Mayo Clinic, The CDC - they were ALL coming out with reports talking about the health hazards of sitting. "The sitting disease" they called it. "Worse than smoking" they said. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and gave serious thought to my health. I got myself a standing desk. The first month I eased into it. My feet were sore and core muscles were tired by the end of the day, but I persisted. By the second month I felt stronger. I had more energy and improved productivity, especially in the afternoons, when I normally hit a wall.  Without changing anything else in my life, I had lost 5 pounds. By the third month I was down 10 pounds and no longer experienced debilitating back pain. Standing and moving at work felt natural. Sitting felt odd. My brain (and muscles) would tell me stand up if I spent ANY extended length of time sitting. This was how we were meant to be, I realized. This is natural. This is freedom.  


AnthroDesk was started because I wanted to help others escape the sitting sentence. I wanted them to experience the same freedom I realized. I knew from my research into buying a standing desk, it was was very difficult to find a well designed, affordable product, especially in Canada. Anthrodesk specializes in selling standing desks and modern office accessories that will make you healthier and more productive. We sell our own brand and stand 100% behind our products, offering the BEST warranty in the industry AND a money back guaranty.

Change YOUR life.  Buy one today.