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  • Creating The Best Skydiving Experience in British Columbia

    As a kid, you probably dreamt of having superpowers. It can be teleportation, invisibility, super strength and the all-time favourite, flying. Considering the reality, there is no possibility that you will have these abilities. But as a grown adult, you can experience how it feels like to be floating in the air through skydiving. It is a recreational activity where you get off an aircraft at a certain altitude and slowly descends to the ground. It can also be referred to as parachuting. Many adventure seekers always have this activity included on their bucket list.

  • What You Need To Know When Making A Skydiving Video

    The Great White North is home to many excellent skydiving destinations. No wonder many skydivers around the world visit the country to try skydiving. Skydiving is a thrilling activity that allows you to witness breathtaking views from above. Creating a video while doing the stunt is an excellent opportunity for you to share your skydiving experience. It is essential to learn how to make a high-quality skydiving video. Besides, there are different types of skydiving. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with them to identify which kind of skydiving is suitable based on your skill level.

  • Best Places to Go Skydiving in Canada

    Besides Canada's stunning cityscapes and landscapes, the country will also amaze you with its exhilarating adventures. You will surely want to venture into the Great White North and take part in thrilling activities. So if you're searching for an extreme Canadian adventure, then you may consider skydiving. This aerial recreation is highly recommended to both new explorers and frequent visitors in the country. It is because skydiving can provide you with the thrill of falling from a plane. You might be overwhelmed with the feeling of having the freedom in the air. It is not only that adrenaline rush that makes skydiving a worthy experience but is also because of the breathtaking aerial view. If you are planning your next adventure, don't forget to try skydiving in Canada.

  • 6 Best Stargazing Locations in Canada

    There is something about the nighttime that several people look forward to. You may choose to take a good rest after a tiring day at work. Or, you can spend the remaining hours to bond with your family and friends. However, for adventure seekers, they want to indulge in a celestial show at night. When it comes to stargazing locations, Canada offers many accessible places where you can clearly view the night sky.

  • 6 Extreme Activities You Can Do in Canada

    Canada is one of the most captivating countries in North America. It is home to numerous natural wonders, both landscapes and seascapes. The country also has plenty of national and provincial parks where you can go camping. Other than having a lot of outstanding camping destinations, there are more exciting activities that you can do in this country.