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  • Gorgeous Photoshoot Locations in Vancouver

    There is no doubt that Canada is one of the popular destinations for adventures. It offers a long list of gorgeous locations perfect for photoshoots and other activities. If you are looking for a place ideal for capturing great images, Vancouver could be the destination you are looking for. Located on the West Coast of Canada, this city can offer you many exciting places perfect for adventures and photo ops.

  • 6 Thrilling Activities to Do in Victoria, British Columbia

    Of the 10 Canadian provinces, British Columbia is the westernmost region. It is known for its diversity when it comes to climate and natural resources. Campers, hikers, and other adventure seekers visit the province to savour panoramic views and perform exciting activities. If you want to unwind and engage in thrilling adventures, then you may start venturing into Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. This city is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, which is in between the Haro and Juan de Fuca straits. Although Victoria has the largest urban area on the island, the city is still rich in parks and green spaces, a perfect description for "garden city." Exploring Victoria will not only astound you with its picture-perfect landscapes, but it can also show you a glimpse of its colonial past. Its rich history is evident in its interesting architecture, attractive gardens, and fascinating museums. So if you are still searching for a perfect location for your next getaway, then the city of Victoria could be your best pick.

  • 8 Must-Try Activities on Family Day

    Besides Valentine's Day, another significant event that some Canadians celebrate during February is Family Day. This holiday is observed in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. The said occasion gives people more time to spend with their families. Family Day is a perfect opportunity to catch up with them. There are many exciting ways to make Family Day more meaningful. Whether you want indoor or outdoor activities, there is a friendly recreation that you and your family will surely enjoy. 

  • Where to Do Aerial Photography in British Columbia

  • 5 Exciting Activities to Try in Saskatchewan

    Saskatchewan is one of the Canadian prairie provinces with distinct features. It is one of the two Canadian areas having no saltwater coast. Besides, Saskatchewan is the only province without natural boundaries, meaning all of its borders are human-made. Other than these interesting facts, it is the country's fifth-largest province when it comes to area. It also ranked sixth when it comes to population. Saskatchewan is admired for its vibrant cities and welcoming locals. Not only that, but this province also takes pride in its abundant wildlife, world-class freshwater fishing, and incredible parks. Saskatchewan also offers ideal locations where you can perform engaging activities like canoeing, golfing, horseback riding, and hiking.

  • The Best Things to Do in Prince Edward Island

    Exploring new places is a spectacular way to start the new year. It's time to begin planning for your itineraries and follow your wanderlust. One way to begin your journey is to create an unforgettable island experience in Prince Edward Island (PEI). This Canadian province offers reverberating green hills, scenic coastlines, and impressive vistas that you will surely enjoy. Besides the picturesque landscapes that can make your camera busy, you can also delight yourself with authentic seafood dishes and mouth watering cuisine. There's also a list of activities that await you in Prince Edward Island.

  • Where to Do Street Fashion Photography in Vancouver

    Fashion photography is another interesting genre of photography. It has a significant contribution to the success of some individuals who took the path of fashion and modelling. One of the primary goals of fashion photography is to showcase the apparel and accessories worn by the model. As a fashion photographer, you have to find ways on how you can interestingly feature the models' attire. One effective way to do it is to find a perfect background for your subject. The photography background has a valuable contribution to the overall composition of the photograph. Therefore, it is important to discover picturesque locations that you can use for your fashion photography needs

  • The Ideal Places to Photograph Sports in Canada

    Sports photography is one of the most exciting genres of photography. Since sports require action, you should possess some essential characteristics to become a skilled sports photographer. Besides creativity, you should have concentration, patience, and attention to detail. Also, you may need to have strong networking skills. This trait allows you to gain significant connections, including business opportunities that can help you advance in your career. Besides, you should have immense knowledge when it comes to ideal locations perfect for sports photography. Try to conduct extensive research and look for the best places to photograph sports and action. Here in Canada, there are many excellent venues where you can do sports photography. These places can be used for your special events or your sports brand promotion.

  • Incredible Quebec Locations for Aerial Photography

    Aerial photography is one of the several types of photography with a rich history. It plays significant roles in archaeology, cartography, commercial advertising, environmental studies, land-use planning, military, and other significant fields. Landscape photographers and travel enthusiasts can also use this type of photography. If you are into aerial photography, there are many amazing places where you can do it. Quebec is one of the most exciting locations to look forward to.

  • How to Film Your Water Adventures

    Whether you are fishing, kayaking, surfing, or swimming, spending time on the water is always exciting. What more if you do these water adventures in Canada's stunning beaches and lakes! Instead of enjoying the thrilling activities alone, you may consider filming your adventures. Doing so allows you to save your precious memories and share them with your loved ones. Not only that, but it is one way to get fascinating souvenirs from the places you visit. But how do you get your shot right? What if you are not really into videography? Worry not because there are lots of tips that can help you film your water adventures.

  • Where to Buy A 4K Resolution Action Camera Online

  • 3 Tips for Road Trip Photography

    Travelling is good for the soul. It is a fun-filled activity that you can do anytime and anywhere you like. One of the common ways to do it is by taking a road trip either alone or with your friends. Road-tripping allows you to explore the places in your country. It gives you a chance to witness spectacular sceneries along the way. Seeing the impressive landscapes, breathing some fresh air, and visiting places that are less travelled by could give you relaxation. Besides, taking a road trip can also help you achieve a meditative state. One of the best things about road-tripping is you can do some photoshoots along the way. It is good news for photography enthusiasts who want to keep excellent photos as souvenirs from their trip.