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  • 9 Camera Tricks and Tips for Road-Tripping

    Road-tripping is one of the most exciting and relaxing activities that you can do outdoors. It is a perfect opportunity to visit the places you've never been to together with your family and friends. You may prefer travelling alone to give yourself time for self-reflection. Here in the Great White North, there is a myriad of breathtaking locations where you can drive and enjoy some scenic views. That’s why when you get a chance to take a road trip to your area, make sure to bring a camera gear so that you can take pictures and videos of the places you will see along the way. Doing so will help you preserve your road trip memories through the photos and footage taken on your action cam. You may also learn some camera tricks to help you get the best shots and give you the best road trip experience.

  • Where to Do Aerial Photography in British Columbia

  • 5 Exciting Activities to Try in Saskatchewan

    Saskatchewan is one of the Canadian prairie provinces with distinct features. It is one of the two Canadian areas having no saltwater coast. Besides, Saskatchewan is the only province without natural boundaries, meaning all of its borders are human-made. Other than these interesting facts, it is the country's fifth-largest province when it comes to area. It also ranked sixth when it comes to population. Saskatchewan is admired for its vibrant cities and welcoming locals. Not only that, but this province also takes pride in its abundant wildlife, world-class freshwater fishing, and incredible parks. Saskatchewan also offers ideal locations where you can perform engaging activities like canoeing, golfing, horseback riding, and hiking.

  • 5 Must-Visit Small Towns in Canada

    Canada is well-known for its significant and alluring cities which are home to countless tourist destinations. Every year, many travellers visit this country to explore natural and provincial parks where they can go camping and hiking. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are just some of the most popular Canadian cities where you can find breathtaking water forms and majestic mountains. Besides having famous cities, Canada also takes pride in its charming small towns where you can also discover beautiful sceneries.

  • 5 Gorgeous Photoshoot Locations in Vancouver

    There's always something magical and fantastic with the great places we visit. Whether it's a mountain, a park, a beach, or a farm, the experience becomes more memorable when captured by a camera. As we often hear, "a picture can portray a thousand words." To make each photo more enticing and high-quality, there are two tips you should consider: use a good camera and choose a top-rated photoshoot location. If you're in Vancouver, then you're lucky because there are gorgeous locations where you can go for your photoshoots.

  • Top 7 Places to Go Surfing in Canada

    It's still summertime in Canada, and one of the best ways to enjoy the season is to experience some water adventures. The country can provide you with many excellent beach locations perfect for exciting activities. Since some of the tourist spots are reopening, you may consider some beach areas where you can go surfing. This activity is both fun and thrilling, allowing you to enjoy the summer season. Even if you never tried surfing, there are ideal surfing destinations where you can practice surfing skills.

  • Best Places to Go Skydiving in Canada

    Besides Canada's stunning cityscapes and landscapes, the country will also amaze you with its exhilarating adventures. You will surely want to venture into the Great White North and take part in thrilling activities. So if you're searching for an extreme Canadian adventure, then you may consider skydiving. This aerial recreation is highly recommended to both new explorers and frequent visitors in the country. It is because skydiving can provide you with the thrill of falling from a plane. You might be overwhelmed with the feeling of having the freedom in the air. It is not only that adrenaline rush that makes skydiving a worthy experience but is also because of the breathtaking aerial view. If you are planning your next adventure, don't forget to try skydiving in Canada.

  • 5 Places to Visit in Canada for Your Next Holiday Vacation

    The holiday season is one of the best moments to spend quality time with your loved ones. Since it is fast-approaching, you might have already planned your vacation trip. You may book a flight to stay in your hometown or reserved your visit to top-rated resorts. However, if you are still planning where to go this holiday, then try to spend the festive season here in Canada. This country is home to many great places where you can enjoy your staycation. From watching gleeful parades to shopping in holiday markets, take a break and experience the vacation in Canada.

  • Where to Celebrate the Grandest New Year's Eve in Canada

    Every year is a year to value and cherish. It is why a lot of individuals are excited to welcome the new year together with their family and friends. 2020 is fast-approaching; that's why it is essential to think of the best ways on how you can celebrate it. You may either enjoy a simple dinner or have a grand feast with your loved ones. Another option is to stay in a luxurious hotel with your special someone as you watch a spectacular fireworks display. You can also create your first 2020 memories by travelling to Canada's top-rated destinations. For sure, you will be delighted to meet new people and take exciting adventures to the Great White North.

  • 6 Extreme Activities You Can Do in Canada

    Canada is one of the most captivating countries in North America. It is home to numerous natural wonders, both landscapes and seascapes. The country also has plenty of national and provincial parks where you can go camping. Other than having a lot of outstanding camping destinations, there are more exciting activities that you can do in this country.

  • Perfect Canadian Sites to Capture Beautiful Sunsets

    Various landscapes and seascapes dwell in the vast region of Canada. This country is known for its bountiful natural resources, impressive national and provincial parks, and awe-inspiring views. Canada is continuously becoming popular for its breathtaking locations. Most of these sites are ideal for camping, hiking, skiing, surfing, and swimming. Besides these recreational activities, Canada is also home to many photogenic locations where photographers can capture beautiful sunsets.

  • What Makes Your Business Unique?

    The recent rise of video content marketing and the use of social media for advertisement lead others to use video for branding. Some companies who are creative yet lacks fund to hire multimedia third parties to market their products make use of Ace-Cam 4k Ultra HD action camera to create their first video content.