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  • Reasons Why You Need A Gimbal for An Action Camera

    You might have already seen people performing extreme adventures from their travel blogs - for instance, social media influencers who go kayaking or surfing. You might have also watched skateboarding stunts on Youtube. If you are wondering how they film these sports adventures, they are actually using high-quality tools and devices to record their adventures. When you have an excellent device, you can also shoot your sport at home. For cameras, you can use an action camera since it is portable and easily attached to headgears and accessories. Aside from this device, you also try using a gimbal for an action camera.

  • 5 Must-Visit Small Towns in Canada

    Canada is well-known for its significant and alluring cities which are home to countless tourist destinations. Every year, many travellers visit this country to explore natural and provincial parks where they can go camping and hiking. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are just some of the most popular Canadian cities where you can find breathtaking water forms and majestic mountains. Besides having famous cities, Canada also takes pride in its charming small towns where you can also discover beautiful sceneries.

  • 5 Gorgeous Photoshoot Locations in Vancouver

    There's always something magical and fantastic with the great places we visit. Whether it's a mountain, a park, a beach, or a farm, the experience becomes more memorable when captured by a camera. As we often hear, "a picture can portray a thousand words." To make each photo more enticing and high-quality, there are two tips you should consider: use a good camera and choose a top-rated photoshoot location. If you're in Vancouver, then you're lucky because there are gorgeous locations where you can go for your photoshoots.

  • Why Taking Photos Is Important

    Taking photos is an easy way to record little moments that are precious in our hearts. These are recorded because they matter to us. With the rise of social media, we have become more inclined to take photos as we can easily share them with our friends and family. It’s a way to stay connected with them, to share our personal story, a timeline of what we have, currently do, and the places that we want and would love to visit.