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  • Can You Use An Action Camera for Vlogging?

    Vlogging is the act of creating a blog through video recordings instead of written posts. It’s based on the word 'vlog' which is a short term for video log. It has the same purpose as blogging: to share the experience of oneself to the readers and, in this case, to the viewers. It is prevalent these days, and its impact on people is undeniable. Almost everything is now on online video-sharing platforms. You can find all types of content from toys, food, cosmetics, travels, how-tos, and even daily lives.

  • Canada's Bluest Waters You Need to Explore

    Seeing the environment's natural beauty can provide you with several benefits, particularly to your health. Many studies have confirmed that having a positive connection to nature can make you healthier and happier. Here in Canada, you don't need to travel so far to look for a picturesque landscape because this country is home to numerous natural wonders. If you want to unwind and experience tranquillity, then try to visit the stunning beaches and lakes that you can find in the provinces of Canada.

  • Top 7 Places to Go Surfing in Canada

    It's still summertime in Canada, and one of the best ways to enjoy the season is to experience some water adventures. The country can provide you with many excellent beach locations perfect for exciting activities. Since some of the tourist spots are reopening, you may consider some beach areas where you can go surfing. This activity is both fun and thrilling, allowing you to enjoy the summer season. Even if you never tried surfing, there are ideal surfing destinations where you can practice surfing skills.

  • 5 Tips When Creating Mountain Bike Videos

    The Great White North is home to many breathtaking landscapes. These astounding scenes attract thousands of tourists across the globe. Whether you are someone who loves to take pictures or do extreme adventures, you will surely be amazed by the country's authentic beauty. If you are in Canada, one thing that you shouldn't miss is to try mountain biking. Even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy this extreme activity. Besides, there are tips that you can follow to create a memorable biking experience. When doing this activity, don't forget to bring an action cam to document your adventure.

  • Where to Buy A 4K Resolution Action Camera Online

  • What Makes Your Business Unique?

    The recent rise of video content marketing and the use of social media for advertisement lead others to use video for branding. Some companies who are creative yet lacks fund to hire multimedia third parties to market their products make use of Ace-Cam 4k Ultra HD action camera to create their first video content.

    Business is doing well for online sellers who benefit a lot from using Instagram. It has now become like an online store where buyers can directly contact the sellers. Sellers will upload their best pictures or videos, add some details, post, and they are ready to go. The battle now is who has the best shot or video. To have a quality output of photos and videos, it is recommended to use high definition action camera such as 4K HD action camera and let your photos and videos do the talking for you.

  • Using Online Video Marketing to Provide Value to Your Clients

    How do you drive customers to notice your brand and lead them to patronize your products? How do you communicate to your potential clients without actually selling your services or products? Enter the video content marketing.
  • Video Time Lapse, What NOT to Do

    Do you sometimes want to watch a 24-hour work in 10 minutes or less? Then time lapse photography is for you. It is shooting a lot of photos of the same subject in a given time, putting it all together in one amazing video and plays back in a short time. It’s like watching the sun go up and down while having your coffee break at the same time. Of course, music is added for suspense and value to your time lapse video using action cameras such as 4K Ultra HD Action Camera.
  • Increase Your Sales Using Content Marketing

    One great way to increase followers turned into customers or clients is the use of video. There is no need to hire production crew, with the help of youtube and a reliable action camera such as 4k Ultra HD action camera, you can start filming anytime.
  • Bring to Life Your Blog With A Video

    Have you been trying to raise awareness about your product or services? How did it go? Clearly you tried to make use of available marketing techniques, including content marketing. Maybe you even tried video. Making significant content and allowing possible buyers to identify with it are one of the major goals in content marketing.
  • Increase Brand Awareness Through Content Marketing

    Content marketing (including video content from action cameras) may refer to techniques used by business owners to cater to the growing needs of customers. The goal is to use significant content to convert site visitors to engaging customers and repeat buyers.