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  • 4 Blockbuster Movies That Used Action Cam Footage

    The movie industry has been blessed by hundreds of movies being released each year. From small productions to well-known studios, the selection gets more significant and more diverse, making the competition at the box office more challenging. Moviegoers can be a little indecisive on what they're going to watch. A new story, a different genre, or even a new look can make them interested in what your movie can offer.

  • How to Film Your Water Adventures

    Whether you are fishing, kayaking, surfing, or swimming, spending time on the water is always exciting. What more if you do these water adventures in Canada's stunning beaches and lakes! Instead of enjoying the thrilling activities alone, you may consider filming your adventures. Doing so allows you to save your precious memories and share them with your loved ones. Not only that, but it is one way to get fascinating souvenirs from the places you visit. But how do you get your shot right? What if you are not really into videography? Worry not because there are lots of tips that can help you film your water adventures.

  • Where to Buy A 4K Resolution Action Camera Online