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  1. East Coast Canada Road Trip: How to Travel Safely

    East Coast Canada Road Trip: How to Travel Safely

    Four provinces comprise Canada's East Coast: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Native Americans were the original people to inhabit the place. Besides, Europeans lived in the region that came from England, France, Ireland, and Scotland. The four provinces are adored for their natural beauty. That's why taking an East Coast Canada road trip is indeed exciting because you'll get a chance to behold its natural aesthetics and learn its rich culture. If you are planning for your next trip to any of the four provinces, it is essential to understand some safety tips when travelling.

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  2. Kayaking in Canada: Should You Try It?

    Kayaking in Canada: Should You Try It?

    When it comes to water adventures, you should not miss the fun and excitement brought by kayaking. Kayaking is an exciting recreation that allows you to move through the water using a small water vessel. This activity involves using a kayak and a double-bladed paddle. A kayak refers to the traditional light narrowboat. It has both ends tapered to a point that usually has a closed top. To move through the water, you have to maneuver by sitting face-forward and propelling ahead with alternating side to side paddle strokes. Although it may sound challenging, kayaking is indeed a thrilling activity, a popular recreation in the Great White North. If you want to try this exciting activity, kayaking in Canada is highly recommended.


    Why Try Kayaking?


    Canada is home to many

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