1. 3 Tips for Road Trip Photography

    3 Tips for Road Trip Photography

    Travelling is good for the soul. It is a fun-filled activity that you can do anytime and anywhere you like. One of the common ways to do it is by taking a road trip either alone or with your friends. Road-tripping allows you to explore the places in your country. It gives you a chance to witness spectacular sceneries along the way. Seeing the impressive landscapes, breathing some fresh air, and visiting places that are less travelled by could give you relaxation. Besides, taking a road trip can also help you achieve a meditative state. One of the best things about road-tripping is you can do some photoshoots along the way. It is good news for photography enthusiasts who want to keep excellent photos as souvenirs from their trip.

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  2. 5 Best Things to Do in Alberta, Canada

    5 Best Things to Do in Alberta, Canada

    Alberta is one of the picture-perfect destinations that you should not miss in your travel bucket list. This beautiful Canadian province is ideal for a summer getaway. Not only that, but it becomes a winter wonderland when the cold season comes. Whenever you feel like exploring the region, Alberta has something to offer when it comes to stunning natural landscapes. Not only that, but it also allows adventure-seekers to create wonderful memories by taking part in family-friendly recreation. So if you are planning your next trip, try to engage in the fun activities that you can do in Alberta.

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  3. The Best Skyline Views in Canada

    The Best Skyline Views in Canada

    Canada is naturally gifted with unnumbered wonders which attract many tourists. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited countries in the world, considering its picturesque landscapes. Canada does not only take pride in its breathtaking sceneries, but it is also home to many of the most impressive skylines.

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  4. Best Places to Go Skydiving in Canada

    Best Places to Go Skydiving in Canada

    Besides Canada's stunning cityscapes and landscapes, the country will also amaze you with its exhilarating adventures. You will surely want to venture into the Great White North and take part in thrilling activities. So if you're searching for an extreme Canadian adventure, then you may consider skydiving. This aerial recreation is highly recommended to both new explorers and frequent visitors in the country. It is because skydiving can provide you with the thrill of falling from a plane. You might be overwhelmed with the feeling of having the freedom in the air. It is not only that adrenaline rush that makes skydiving a worthy experience but is also because of the breathtaking aerial view. If you are planning your next adventure, don't forget to try skydiving in Canada.

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  5. Where to Watch the Best Sunrises in Canada

    Where to Watch the Best Sunrises in Canada

    A lot of travel and landscape photographers admire Canada for its numerous breathtaking sites. From grandiose mountains to sparkling lakes and rivers, there are many beautiful places to behold in this country. Usually, many photography enthusiasts love to take pictures during sunset, when the sky casts a variety of colours. There is no wonder why a lot of people cherish the magical hour of sunset. It is because sunsets create a dramatic scene that compliments your captured images. Just like the sunset, there are also several reasons to admire the sunrise. Besides symbolizing a new beginning, the sunrise stimulates a calming feeling and fosters hope for anyone who sees it.

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  6. Ideal Locations for a Romantic Photoshoot in Alberta

    Ideal Locations for a Romantic Photoshoot in Alberta

    As a photographer, it is important that you are knowledgeable when it comes to breathtaking locations. You can recommend these sites if you have a client who is planning to have a romantic photoshoot for their engagement or pre-nuptial. However, finding the perfect place could be overwhelming, especially here in Canada. It is because there are plenty of ideal locations that you can explore in the country, whether it is in urban cities or remote areas. If you are living in Alberta or staying in a nearby place, then you don't have to travel too far because this province is rich in impressive landscapes that could be suitable for a romantic set-up.

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  7. 6 Best Stargazing Locations in Canada

    6 Best Stargazing Locations in Canada

    There is something about the nighttime that several people look forward to. You may choose to take a good rest after a tiring day at work. Or, you can spend the remaining hours to bond with your family and friends. However, for adventure seekers, they want to indulge in a celestial show at night. When it comes to stargazing locations, Canada offers many accessible places where you can clearly view the night sky.

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  8. 15 Things You Didn't Know About Nunavut

    15 Things You Didn't Know About Nunavut

    Nunavut is a vast territory of northern Canada. It encompasses most of the Canadian Arctic, where the Inuit and other indigenous people dwell. Nunavut is well-known because of its capital, Iqaluit. This city is home to many breathtaking scenes that you can explore. Since Nunavut was officially recognized in 1999, there are several things that you might not know about this beautiful territory.

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  9. Where to Spend Family Day in Canada This February 2020

    Where to Spend Family Day in Canada This February 2020

    Family is a vital part of every community. To celebrate its significance and contribution to the society, Family Day is observed in some of the Canadian provinces. This holiday is celebrated in the regions of Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. During this occasion, most schools and businesses are closed, allowing many people to spend time with their family and relatives. The province of British Columbia celebrates Family Day on the second Monday of February. The rest of the Canadian regions commemorate the occasion on the third Monday of the love month.

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  10. Romantic Things to Do in Canada on Valentine's Day

    Romantic Things to Do in Canada on Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is coming too soon; that's why many couples are excited to celebrate it. Not only is it the time to express your love for your dearest, but it is also an excellent opportunity to unwind together with your special someone. Aside from having a romantic dinner in fancy restaurants or staying in a five-star hotel, there are numerous engaging activities that you can do while you are in the Great White North. Canada is home to a lot of fascinating landscapes that will truly astound you. Other than that, there are several Canadian locations that you can explore. Besides travelling together, there are more romantic things that you can do as a couple.

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